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      Gerard "Kollie" Kolsteren - Friday 26 January 2020

      Why a Harley Davidson?

      Very often I am asked: Why do you have a Harley Davidson?

      If you think about it carefully, buying and driving a Harley Davidson is not really the most logical choice. In terms of technology, many other motorcycle brands are technically a lot better. If you compare the choice of materials and the techniques used and the tolerances of the components of, for example, a Japanese motorcycle, then Harley Davidson will certainly lose out in all respects. I have regularly viewed a Harley Davidson engine or gearbox from the inside and if you measure a difference of 0.6mm in the height of the left and right crankshaft, then I can say that the Japanese engines are quite a bit be made much more accurate.


      Harley Davidson Shovelhead 1979 Hardtail


      I myself love the Harley Davidson pre-1985 models. But why actually? Personally I do not have that much with electronics and preferably not at all on a motorcycle. I like the pure, raw technology. When I bought my Harley Davidson Shovelhead (1979) there was a starter motor on it. In addition to the starter motor itself, there was also a solenoid (electromagnet) and a starter relay to ensure that the starter motor could do its job. Unfortunately it often happened that 1 of the 3 parts broke and I didn't get my engine started. Then the starter relay, solenoid and starter motor had to be replaced again.

      Until I saw someone start his engine with the kickstarter. When I got home I immediately got rid of the starter motor, the relay and the solenoid and mounted a kickstarter on the gearbox. By using an older technique on my Shovelhead, a kick starter instead of a electric starter, my motorcycle got much more reliable.

      And that is what I like about those old motorcycles. If you are a little handy yourself, you can do a lot of repairs yourself, even on the road. In addition, it is super easy and fun to change your motorcycle with custom motorcycle parts. Kollies Parts is a webshop for custom motorcycle parts suitable for, among other things, Harley Davidson that have been specially designed for customizing motorcycles. These custom motorcycle parts are very diverse but the most popular parts are the Forward Controls. We make these Foot / Forward Controls for Harley Davidson Dyna, Harley Davidson BigTwin, Harley Davidson Sportster, Harley Davidson Shovelhead and all Softail models ourselves.

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