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      Arie "PAPI"Punt - Monday 23 February 2021

      Air filter Maintenance

      Every motorcycle engine needs a regular supply of clean air. There is an air filter to keep foreign objects such as dust, sand, beetles and flies out of the sensitive mechanical interior of your engine.

      Now there are many different types of air filters. Very old filters are made of some kind of cotton and paper. These are materials that used to serve as a filter.

      Today the filters are made of metal mesh. And this modern material also gets clogged with dirt after a while. The popular K&N filters are equipped with air filter oil, but after a while this oil disappears, causing this filter to lose their cleaning ability.

      Air resistance increases and engine power decreases, idle speed suffers and both you and your engine begin to feel less than happy.

      You can ask the supplier or product of the filter exactly how often you need to clean your air filter, but once a year (or per driving season) should be the minimum. If you live in a dusty environment, do it more often.

      It's not hard to do, so let's get started:

      Depending on your model:

      1. Remove the air cleaner cover using a screwdriver, allen wrench or simply open the clips as applicable. Remove the cover and check which type of air filter is hidden behind the cover. Foam? Wire mesh? A K&N type of filter? Or a paper element?

      2. In the case of a paper element:
        Order a new one. To find out which one you need, consult your motorcycle or model manual. Go to step 6.

      3. If there is a filter made of foam, metal mesh or a K&N type filter,
        spray the filter element with K&N air filter cleaner, let the cleaning effect work for a few minutes. But soaking in benzene for a few minutes also works fine.

      4. Clean the element under running water,and if it is a foam element, wring it out well. Let everything dry well. If the element no longer meets the requirements, buy a new filter.

      5. Spray the well-dried filter element from all sides with air filter oil. Wipe off any excess oil.

      6. Clean the air filter base plate and cover and let dry.

      7. Place the filter element in the correct positionin the air cleaner case, secure the air cleaner cover with mounting screws or clips. Threadlocker Loctite (Blue Loctide) is always worth considering.

      You are ready for some fresh wind in your face and your engine will get clean air!
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